Western Dragon from Germany | he/him | 21 y.o.

Official Character Reference by MixMyxa


Come closer, traveller, just a little bit. Don’t worry, i wont bite…as long as you don’t happen to touch anything! You’re not here to steal from a dragons hoard, are you?
As for me? My Name is Zagorath, but you can call me Zag for short. I am a mighty firedragon whose been around this lands for a few years now.

I’ve been getting my talons into visual effects in recent years, aiming to become the first vfx artist of draconic origin! Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold?! Anyways, i shall leave you to your adventures now, traveller. It was nice meeting you! Be sure to check in from time to time.


If you wanna chat or need something, just write me a DM on your preferred platform. I won’t bite. At least not too often :>